by Fairlane

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released December 7, 2015

Produced, tracked and mixed by Travis Hill at Looking Glass Studios.
Mastered by Bill Henderson ar Azimuth mastering.
Album art created by Nick Hamm.



all rights reserved


Fairlane Atlanta, Georgia

Influenced by Quicksand, Samiam, Hum, and Texas Is The Reason, Fairlane meld post-punk, post-hardcore, and pop punk styles to create a catchy sound that is uniquely their own. Generating riffs and emotionally charged vocals, Fairlane deliveres heartfelt punk that not only captures the greatness of their influences but also pleases fans of modern emo. ... more

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Track Name: Yew
Asleep and walking
Pull me in towards you
Soft sonic voice
Guide me where you will

Tranquil setting I collapse
Subconscious love in which I'm trapped
Snare so deep catching my brain
Safe in solace kept in place

Tiny fortress I have made
Between my stomach and my knees
Make yourself safe inside my skin
Matching breath to match my kin

Drawn in towards this tiny love
Deeper still the feeling grows
Smaller being I adore
Open my eyes and I see no more
It's only as I perceive
Play your little tricks on me
Grow as they do they're swelling on
I turn my eyes towards sweet delusion

The trap of love is one I choose
Torture me I'll keep the bruise
Pain for pain an even trade
Hold me down until you leave
Torture me
Track Name: My Moral Compass
Between two buses on a vacant lot
Oh I must confess that I forgot
Just where I am going and where I'm not
When between two busses on a vacant lot

Skipping pebbles on a soulless plane
Between vessels sweeping me away
The world is wide enough for my endeavors
But not wide enough to forget forever
The atrocities in the place I sleep
Or the company that I used to keep

I want to change the space where I lay my head
Can my moral compass guide me there?
Bag with my whole life inside
Moving forward and I'm terrified
Endless options I can't loose
No matter which of the paths I choose
A tiny step to move inside
A giant leap for all mankind
A past that left me high and dry
On a path to leave it all behind
Track Name: Sediment
Spread my arms like a cross
Stretched high above where I can see you all
Slip from the edge and I am free
May that ashen crest forget me
Diving in to a future of brand new light
Like a swirl of colors waiting for me to arrive

Drain my blood in to the sand
Seeds will bloom in shades of red
Turn my back to grow a garden
Dissolve myself so the soil softens

Transcend my plane to stand their stems I find a home inside of them.

A kaleidoscope leaking from my mind
The colors spin until they match the freckles on my eyes
To unlock the substance of my dreams
And play them on the canyon floor for me

I am the wind that swims between their pedals
The wind that follows when my body settles
I am the wind that's bringing forth the spring
The wind that blew me off the edge

I am the rain like little drops of memory falling to the earth
I am the flood that carves a story in to rock
Digging deeply to shape something new
Return me from which I came