Spot Beneath The Earth

by Fairlane

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Recorded at Led Belly Studio in Dawsonville, Georgia.
Mastered by Azimuth Mastering.


released November 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Fairlane Atlanta, Georgia

Influenced by Quicksand, Samiam, Hum, and Texas Is The Reason, Fairlane meld post-punk, post-hardcore, and pop punk styles to create a catchy sound that is uniquely their own. Generating riffs and emotionally charged vocals, Fairlane deliveres heartfelt punk that not only captures the greatness of their influences but also pleases fans of modern emo. ... more

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Track Name: Sweet Lucidity
Blanketed in soft sunshine
Immersed in a warm static dew
I found myself alone in a dream
When once again I saw you
Five years without a hero when I caught a glimpse again
These blurry eyes have never seen so clearly and they'll never see again

Draped in gold you found me
I breathed in your smile on the astral plane
Basking in sweet lucidity
Will you sweep me away to another land?

In old age I will forget the names of all my friends
But may I never forget the brilliant woman that shaped this brittle man

Leave me in this white noise with a gift
Planted in my heart a seed
Until the day I rejoin you
I'll be basking in sweet lucidity
Track Name: Spot Beneath the Earth
I have no desire to remain, lay me in the dust to stay
A place on the edge of the garden where these hollow bones can soften
I'll dissolve into the earth with ease if you bury me beneath the magnolia tree
I swear I'll leave behind some carbon in a sacrifice of genes
I'll fade away in complete silence if you bury me beneath magnolia tree

Beneath the magnolia tree
That's where I want to be
Together there you and me
We'll recycle our energy
Reach your wooden hand out to me
And we can bloom every spring

I'll flicker out without a fight my electric thoughts and me
I volunteer to disappear if you bury me beneath the magnolia tree

In the next life we'll return as a pair of trees
Together forever just as the headstone reads
Above two bodies that have forgotten pain
We can outstretch our arms and we can dance in the rain
Track Name: Raincoat
What's on my mind, if you must know
I bleed out because you can't say no
Inside, a slippery nights slime seeps through your pores
Inside, theres a place in your head for you to sacrifice your morals

If you go first I'll do it too
But only if she's good to you

The quiet secrets locked inside your house
Snickers and rumors can never make it out
Well if your walls could speak what would they do?
Would they scream the secrets of the next room?

I have void for filling
Behind your back
We'll shake hands
And we'll break bread
I have a void for filling
Behind your back

I'll pull the drain on your dark damaged soul
The things you hide will condensate and cloud the world
I'll turn the lights on all of you
And it will rain inside
I'll soak your bed and your head
Until your soul runs dry

We can just pretend
We will never know
We can just pretend
Don't forget your raincoat
Track Name: Hole
You fall away and I remain,
Living in the shadow of you.
Too soon
You’re swept away
And lost for good.
I sat and watched as you laughed
And then wept in pain.

Take me away
I’ll fall into the hole you’ve made.
Lay me down
You fall away and I remain.

Fill me with chemicals
Cook me in lights
Eat away my insides
Find your way out through me
And toss my shell aside
I reflect a majestic youth
Tarnished in the greyest of ways

Take me away
I’ll fall to the hole you’ve made.
Lay me down
You fall away and I remain

Two beings in one body
Your breath is in my lungs.
I keep you alive as a memory,
But I’d rather forget it all
If you could trade places with me..
Humbly I’d accept the world of pain.
Track Name: Comet
I chased a lightning bug through a narrow field of weeds
I took so many thoughtless steps my body seemed to follow his lead.
When the night reached my age I laid my head down
And when the grass hugged my toes
We chased each other again.

A leaf attached to a branch
By barely a thread.
A constant in my shaky life.
To me: my best friend.
Will you walk lighter when you’re walking on a cloud?
I know that with time legs grow weak
But my love for you can’t.
Though I felt the real in others words before
Until now they were just grains of sand.

We chased each other again
He laid his parts against my skin.
We had conversations about the things that made me hurt.
He told me to remember who I am. He told me.

Maybe these last 15 years have only been a walk through a narrow field.

You’re engraved into my skin like a freckle or a mole.
So when you leave this world I’ll see you smiling in my soul.
My lightning bug.